Re: Do Hirsbrunner BBb and CC play alike?

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Posted by John on April 26, 2002 at 23:01:58:

In Reply to: Do Hirsbrunner BBb and CC play alike? posted by I don't know on April 26, 2002 at 22:26:30:

Ok.. to start.. Switching to CC tuba is not as stressful as you may think. It takes time, yes.. but is worth it if that's what you want, and CC tuba is the sound you're looking for. that being said. Why would you want to change to CC if you already play BBb well? It's not the tuba that makes the player... but the player that makes the music. It doesn't matter what brand, model, key, etc.. tuba you play as long as it sounds good. Obviously, there might be a situation where you might want to play something on F or Eb tuba.. say for instance.. the John williams or something. (I would not attempt this on my CC tuba).

For your second question.. I have played the HB-21, and the Yorkbrunner hirsbrunner CC tubas, ad also the model 192 BBb tuba. The CC tubas were pistons, and the BB was rotary. (2 of the tubas belong to our studio, and one to someone in my studio, so I've had a fair share of time with each horn). the Hb21 is an overall great horn. If I had the 10,000 or so to spend on another CC tuba, I'd buy one of these. It would take time to get used to the pistons though. The Yorkbrunner is also a great horn, which takes surprisingly litle effort for a big tuba. The BBb Hirsbrunner that I've played was Awesome! It was recently stolen.. and I sure wish it weren't. I would definitely use this horn on all of the service band auditions coming up. This horn was a rotar horn, and I prefer them though. The sound out of all the HB's is very desireable, and I've heard people describe it as the "American sound". It's slightly brighter, and perhaps more focused. I play a Rudy Meinl 5/4 CC, and am very used to having a "german sound" with plenty of overtones, and lots of colors. If you have the chance, try all of these horns. They are all well made tubas, and obviously each horn will play differently, so try a few. (Dave Fedderly has a few HB's right now for sale).

sorry for the long post, and good luck with your descision!


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