Do Hirsbrunner BBb and CC play alike?

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Posted by I don't know on April 26, 2002 at 22:26:30:

Please help!

I am 33 yrs old, been playing BBb Tuba since sixth grade- And NOW, I want to get my own Tuba. I play BBb Tuba really pretty well and have a wonderful tone on BBb Tubas but I feel the need to take my playing to another level. I am terrified of switching to CC-because after experimenting with a CC horn and tooting a few notes, I just determined that I totally stink! I can't stand the pain....I get a decent sound, but I just can't read music. The only thing I can play on CC Tuba are memorized scales, but put a piece of sheet music in front of me with a CC Tuba and Forget it-it's embarrassing! All the hours spent learning Blazevich, Bordogni and Kopprasch on BBb down the tubes-(oh my!) So I guess, I would like to know- what thoughts are about 1.) switching to CC Tuba this late in the game? 2.)What's the best way to do it and is it REALLY worth it? and 3.) If I decide to stick with the BBb Horn, how much differently do the Hirsbrunner BBb piston tubas and say, the HB 2P CC Tubas play and sound for both the player and the listener?


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