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Posted by Steve W on April 15, 2002 at 13:59:09:

In Reply to: Re: For Sale: Doug Elliott Mouthpieces posted by Klaus on April 15, 2002 at 12:30:33:

That's what I love about this board, never answer the question and respond with another OT question. I'm surpised that someone hasn't asked what horn does Daryl use.

Klaus, here's the description of the mouthpieces and parts from the Doug Elliott catalog:

Complete: R Cup- deep, Helleberg-style, excellent on all 4/4 and 5/5 tubas
Comparison- Bach 12, Conn Helleberg, PT-36, etc.
R5 shank- medium-large backbore, for larger 4/4 and 5/4 tubas
(note, all shanks are matched to the cup because of the throat size)
128 Lexan rim- 32.5 mm i.d. Mirafone C3, Bach 18 size made out of lexan (polycarbonate plastic, feels smaller than the same size in metal, good for those allergic to silver and gold)

T Cup- very deep, Helleberg style, huge centered sound on larger tubas
T5 shank- see above for T cup, comparison- none
4N132 Lexan Rim- narrow, flat on top, 33.5mm i.d. Conn Helleberg style

SB- Small Bass Trombone, I cup- shallower than Bach 1 1/2 G, for bright bass sound or tenor double
J cup- similar to Bach 1 1/2 G or Schilke 58, most popular in the SB series
I8,J8 shank- Large shank, standard backbore, for most bass trombones and euphoniums
I9, J9 shank- Large shank, more open backbore, works well with the SB series on bass trombone
SB 108 rim- similar to Bach 1 1/2 G, Schilke 58 27.4mm i.d.

Parts: LT4N 101 rim- Large Tenor series, 25.65mm i.d.,similar to 5G, Schilke 51, Wick 5AL, 4N means flat and narrow
LT102- 25.9mm i.d. similar to 4G (old), Benge Marcellus, Wick 4 1/2 AL
R8A shank- Tuba shank for Alexander extra-large receivers, large backbore, good response on Alexanders with extra-large receivers
R6H shanks- Hirsbrunner (slightly larger than E, European shank, fits most Hirsbrunners, or use E shank, large backbore, for large 4/4 and 5/4 tubas

Hope this answers your confusion. Call Doug Elliott for a catalog 301-871-3535 or mail to:

Doug Elliott Mouthpieces
13619 Layhill Road
Silver Spring, Maryland 20906

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