Re: Heavy bottom valve caps (Monsterweights)

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Posted by Dale Phelps on April 15, 2002 at 10:11:17:

In Reply to: Heavy bottom valve caps (Monsterweights) posted by Will Traphagan on April 14, 2002 at 18:26:52:

f.w.i.w. I'm still not sold on them, but when I get around to trying a set on a rotary horn, that could change.
My trumpet playing friends seem to be pretty evenly divided on the benefit of heavy caps on their horns, and the added mass related to the total mass of the valve body on a trumpet is proportionally much larger (so a conclusion about benefit on tubas which is based on trumpets isn't strong.)
One thing we haven't mentioned here is that MANY of that 50-50 split of trumpeters like the weights for the change in the ergonomic balance of their horn while playing, this is why often trumpeters will only use one or two on say valve 3 or 2&3. BUT of the 50-50 split who DON'T like the weights, the additional weight added is mentioned as an ergonomic negative. Go figure. Now if monster weights could give you a solid Dflat, C, or B on an f tuba THEN you'd have something! ;^}

(note to Mark, lemme know when you're gonna run some again....)

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