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Posted by question of motives? on April 05, 2002 at 18:15:24:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: tubas at dillon posted by hmmm... on April 05, 2002 at 14:31:13:


That's an articualte response.

Well, does Tony Clements, for example, recomend a horn he stocks because he stocks it, or does he stock it because he recomends it?

That's a cynical view of salesmanship you've got there, and you're welcome to it.

I responded to your post because my experience with Matt has been quite different. Is he a tuba salesman? Of course. When you get on the board and say, not just that he's a salesman, but essentially, "hey look out, this guy doesn't care what's good for you..don't trust his advice", you've crossed the line IF it isn't true. I don't respond to posts regarding other stores because I don't have any first hand knowledge as to the likely accuracy of the complaints/criticisms. Based on my direct experience with Matt, one certainly shared by many others on the board, I believe you've reached a conclussion that is unfairly harsh.

Anyway, I think readers of this thread now have a balance regarding our differing views on this, and that's fair enough.


Tony "who still thinks you ought to put your name on criticisms" E

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