D*mn Recording bell

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Posted by frustrated on April 05, 2002 at 00:25:31:

Does anyone have any suggestions for making a recording bell tuba feel less like an unruly 5 year old trying to squirm off your lap when you're playing it or just holding it? The front facing bell weights the darn thing too far forward and it's making me nuts trying to hold onto it as it tips forward, slides to the side, and otherwise unseats itself. I end up holding it a big bear hug when I'm not playing, which makes me feel like a fool as my head rests against the side of the thing when I do this. When I play I feel like I have to have a death grip with both hands to keep it upright - so condusive to good technique! I like my tuba, but not that much! It seems like playing with a shoulder strap to keep it in check would be difficult due to the weight...
and a related question - what do you guys out there who have these type of bells do when you want to set the horn down for a second? The upright bells you can just turn upside down and set it down, but I always have to go through this PROCEDURE of getting up, laying the tuba down somewhere (somewhere with a LOT of floor space), then doing whatever, then having to get back up, heave it off the floor, etc etc... help?

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