BBb vs. CC (C) - not the usual debate

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Posted by Dan Mordhorst on September 30, 2001 at 15:21:24:

Hello all,

The CC (C) vs. BBb debate has sparked my interest from the very begining. I have been back and forth over this many times. Is there a specific reason that almost every professional tubist plays a CC tuba? Is there something that I am missing? In the post below, it discusses that CC tuba's have very poor intonation. If this is true, why would someone want one? Why are BBb player's always looked upon with shame? CC tuba are quite new compared to BBb's, did one person simply start using 'em, and everyone else followed sayin to oneself, "hey, 'Mr. so and so' plays a CC, I better play that also"? I am probably sparking much debate, an I am probably stepping on many toes, but I want to put this issue to rest in my mind, and hopefully other people's minds too.

I play a Meinl Weston 20 BBb tuba. And I love the thing. I have many times, since that purchase, said to myself, "gee, I love this tuba, but it's not a CC, and it didn't cost me $8,00+, so it must not be good". And the sad thing is, I see myself going out to buy a CC, just becasue everyone else does. Call me a Lemming, but I would like to do something in the tuba business, but i'm afraid that i'll, sometime in the future, go for an audition, and not win it, because I have a BBb tuba. -- Don't tell me that there is no truth in the statement, because I have had several, trustworthy people say that to me.

Does anyone on this board see where I am coming from? Or am I simply stepping on all the CC tuba player's toes on this board?

I would like to thank anyone in advance that gets in on this thread,
Dan Mordhorst

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