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Posted by olituba on September 30, 2001 at 12:37:50:

In Reply to: Why is it.... posted by Chuck(G) on September 30, 2001 at 11:42:55:

I used to have a no-name BBb Monster, probably somwhere in the proximity of 6/4, heavy like hell, great sound, great playing qualities but some of the shittiest intonation I´ve seen/heard. I also ended up first finding a whole setup of fingerings. Pulled out 3rd to get a major 3rd instead of minor, 4th all the way, 1st everywhere between all the way in and letting it fall out, still badly outa tune after three day away from the old needle.
Now sits in Bob tucci´s shop near munich waiting for some beer-band guy thick enough to buy a horn too big for him just for the sake of buying a huge monster. All the while I´m playing the rudy 5/4 BBb I managed to get off someone just like that at the beginning of this year.
So, if you horn doesn´t work out, get along as long as you can stand it, then sell it and get yomething you like better.

My advice FWIW,


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