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Posted by Pitch Problems on September 29, 2001 at 23:12:26:

In Reply to: Re: Re: F tuba Dilemma posted by ned on September 28, 2001 at 19:28:17:

The tuner is never the end all to pitch problems, but it provides the player with a visual aid to seeing where he is in relation to a fixed pitch. When I have played rehearsals with my tuner, I have NEVER looked at the tuner for every pitch or in every passage. I let my ear do most of the work. If I heard a funky note along the way I would look at where the tuner says I am in relation to A440. Most of the time I would look at the tuner for the pitch of the ensemble to judge where I am in relation to them.

I think the idea of having my tuner on during rehearsals came from my days playing electric bass in community pit orchestras. I liked to have my patch cord going thru my tuner and then out from my tuner to the amp. It allowed me to tune between pieces or on the fly if it was needed.

My $0.02

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