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Posted by js on September 29, 2001 at 21:59:17:

In Reply to: F tuba Dilemma posted by Andy Smith on September 28, 2001 at 16:02:24:

The third partial (and sixth partial) is sharp on most '621's that I've played...That would be the C in the staff and maybe the Bb just below it, plus the pitches an octave above these...' pitches that are played often in S.F. Are those some of the problem pitches?

Curiously, Berlioz originally wrote the piece for two ophicleides - one built in Bb and one built in C. His purpose was an expectation of some pitch discrepancies that would be particularly noticed on the Dies Irae...and hopefully more "scary" that way. He decided that the pitch discrepancies were a bit "too" much upon hearing the effect. Incidentally, Berlioz wrote about how INCREDIBLY LOUD the ophicleides were.

I doubt that your '621 plays as "scarily" out of tune as that original pair of ophicleides, and, having quite a bit of intimate first-hand knowledge of ophicleides I would daresay that your '621 is INCREDIBLY-INCREDIBLY-INCREDIBLY LOUD compared to the most resonant most well-adjusted ophicleide in existance.

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