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Posted by j just guessing s on September 29, 2001 at 21:28:47:

In Reply to: Soundproofing - tips needed posted by Charles on September 29, 2001 at 20:10:50:

Those guys who do that "fake" stucco on the outsides of buildings use a sheet styrofoam base, which they attach to surfaces using either nails, ribbed nails, or screws with large (about the size of a quarter or so) plastic washers - to hold the styrofoam effectively. I would think that styrofoam MORE than an inch thick (2" ?) would be necessary for soundproofing, particularly if you are hoping to try to protect neighbors from the resonance of a tuba.

You could try that...Of course, you would have to trim out for the outlets, switches, and fixtures. Insulating the floor (if indeed styrofoam works well enough) would be another "ordeal", because although you might tolerate exterior-application styrofoam on walls and ceilings, practicality prohibits this on a floor application. The only way I can think of insulating the floor would be to lay styrofoam all over the floor and cover it up with 1/2" plywood - perhaps seaming the plywood together with strategically placed 2X4's (possibly laid on their sides) where needed underneath - unless YOU are on the ground floor, in which case floor soundproofing might not be necessary.

Remember also that sound resonates through central air vents and ductwork.

' just as complete guess as to how to accomplish this...Maybe it would work. (??)

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