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Posted by bruce h on September 28, 2001 at 14:17:01:

This is a great board for getting information out to the tuba public. It's also a great place to let someone know if you are buying or selling a horn. On that note if you are selling a horn please tell us a little about it. Not just "tuba for sale, e-mail me for more info". For starters we would like to know: Make, model, serial number, general condition, what kind of finish is on the horn (laquor, silver, natural brass, etc) number of valves (piston or rotary), age of the horn, history of horn (if any - is this a horn that Jacobs or Bobo used to own?), has there been any custom work done to the horn, if the horn has been cut who did the work, we like to know why you are selling the horn, is a case and/or gig bag included and condition of such, where are you located, try to post a picture of your horn (It's true that a picture is worth a thousand words. It also sells a lot of horns.), and last but not least - price.

If you are not sure how much to ask for your horn check the archives and do a little research. Check the web sites of the stores that everyone refers to on this site. This will save everyone a lot of time. You don't want to be fielding a lot of inquiries from people who only have $3,000 to spend when you are trying to get $4,500 for your horn. Don't be embarrased to ask for a price. We all have a pretty good idea of what these horns are worth. This is serious money for most of us and the more infomation we have to make an informed decision the better we will feel about spending our cash.

Buying a tuba is not unlike buying a car. We have to look at it, feel it, take it for a test drive, kick the tires, slam the doors, and look under the hood. We like to dog e**y but they sell millions of dollars worth of stuff every month. Why is that? There is a price right up front with a picture and description of the item. Pretty simple stuff. I'll admit that I have bought a few items through them and have never been disappointed. I knew exactly what I was getting when I bought it.

I hope this helps. As for me, I'm looking for an Eb horn to compliment my BBb. I will be taking one for a test drive next week. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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