Rudy Meinl 4/4 Piston F.S.

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Posted by Mike Forbes on September 27, 2001 at 08:26:33:

Greetings all,

I'm selling my Rudy Meinl (RMCCC) 4/4 CC Contrabass Tuba. It has 4 pistons, and a rotor 5th valve. Even though it is a 4/4 it seems a bit larger than my HB-2P. I believe this is the same type of horn that David Zerkel has and that many people rave about. I'm selling it because I now have a 4/4 HB-2P through the Army Band, and I recently purchased a 6/4 York (Rusk-Cut).

A little history:

I bought the horn in Germany for 12,500 Deutsch-Marks in 1994. I was studying abroad in Manchester, UK at the Royal Northern College of Music, when I heard that Rudy Meinl was going to make a piston valved CC. So I booked a flight over to Diespeck, and spent a week with the Meinls as they put together their 1st 4 piston valved 4/4 CC tubas. They were going to sell 3 of them to an outfit in Australia, and 1 of them was going to be mine. So I picked the best one from the line of four, had some minor adjustments done there at the factory to fit me (lead pipe adjustment, Red-Brass Lead pipe, shortened 3rd valve length, and got a longer tuning slide). Today, the RMCCC model has slightly been altered since this first run in 1994 and the one that Brasswind sells is wrapped slightly differently--thought I still feel they play VERY similarly.

I would say that the horn is in VERY GOOD condition (opposed to say, excellent or something). It is lacquered and still quite shiny, but certainly has attained it bumps and bruises as I used it through my remaining undergraduate and graduate years, as well as to win my job here with the U.S. Army Band, "Pershing's Own."

Brasswind is asking for $6300 for this type of horn, NEW, but without a bag or case.

I'm asking for $5950 WITH an Altieri Bag and a Rudy Meinl standard Hard Case.

Please feel free to email me with any offers, questions, or concerns.

Thank you,
Mike Forbes

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