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Posted by Art H on September 26, 2001 at 23:17:07:

My portable DAT recorder has become unreliable after about 10 years and one very expensive overhaul, so I decided to look around at other options. I thought about laptop recording, but laptops are expensive and the files are easily lost. I don't like mini-disc machines either, and new DAT recorders are very expensive. Although recordable CD's are very inexpensive now, it seems that nobody makes a truly portable CD recorder. (that would make too much sense.) So here is what I settled on: it's a Tascam CDRW-4U. It's a small CD recorder, about the size of a large dictionary, not battery operated. It does not require special "consumer audio" discs; it does fine on the cheapest discs at the computer store. It is no more complicated to use than the DAT machine-easier in fact, because the buttons are bigger. And it can be connected directly to a computer via the USB port. In addition to recording it can do lots of neat stuff that I may never need. It does not have microphone inputs. I am using my old Nakamichi tape deck as a microphone preamp, which works very well. You can learn a lot by recording your performances and practice sessions and listening carefully, and this seems to be the least expensive way to do it right now.

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