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Posted by Steve Dedman on September 26, 2001 at 21:47:42:

In Reply to: pt-48/pt-50..... posted by Matt C. on September 26, 2001 at 18:28:43:

I haven't found much difference between the two. But as far as actual dimensions, I feel like the PT-48 is as big or bigger than the PT-48. The cup on the 50 may have a larger volume, but as far as cup diameter and throat bore go, the 48 is bigger. Believe it or not, but that extra 1/2 mm of cup diameter can make a big difference in how your embouchure reacts to the mouthpiece. I switched to my 48 from a Helleberg, and it took several months to really get used to the extra cup diameter. One advantage to the 50 is that it is available in the heavyweight style. That is the style that I tried for a bit at Breverd, and it worked very well in darkening up the sound and increasing the projection on my horn. In my experience you won't lose much, if any, of the sound quality or volume if you move to a 48.



CUP CHARACTERISTICS: 33.5 mm. diameter - Deep - Funnel-shaped cup - Rounded at
RIM CHARACTERISTICS: Width 8 mm. - Rounded inner and outer edges
THROAT BORE: 8.5 mm.
Model PT-48 is a funnel-shaped mouthpiece which produces a full orchestral sound. It is
recommended for players with strong embouchures and is designed especially for use with
larger bore CC and BBb tubas.


CUP CHARACTERISTICS: 33 mm. diameter - Deep - Funnel-shaped cup
RIM CHARACTERISTICS: Width 7.5 mm. - Flatter rim with sharp inner edge
THROAT BORE: 8.3 mm.
Model PT-50 is the largest funnel-shaped style in the current line. The sharp inner rim aids
articulation and tonal clarity in this well-above-average cup volume. This model provides
huge dynamic range and fast response. It aids low register playing while still providing a
good upper range. It is recommended for advanced players who prefer a truly large

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