Re: Playing both tuba and trumpet?

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Posted by chrisswid on September 26, 2001 at 08:45:03:

In Reply to: Playing both tuba and trumpet? posted by Joe S. No.2 on September 25, 2001 at 20:02:21:

I played trumpet for about 17 years and then switched to tuba. During the switch-over I continued to play trumpet. I found that I became an excellent low player on the trumpet and a natural high player on the tuba. I found that i needed to practice the trumpet first then the tuba. The mouthpiece size difference is so pronounced that the two instruments were a good compliment.
AFter leaving the trumpet for about 4 years and coming back to it I found that I really hadn't lost my chops at all. The same corner techniques are used for both and the buzzing technique is very similar (can be said for all brass instruments with the exception of french horn, no?).
I think it's wise to practice your primary instrument more than the secondary, and to not throw out any technique when switching between the two, as they are fundamentally the same. Also I found that using a monette mouthpiece for trumpet helped me feel that I was going from heavy equipment (tuba) to equipment with a similar heavy feel.
good luck. . .

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