Re: Mouthpiece differences?

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Posted by Steve Inman on September 24, 2001 at 20:57:43:

In Reply to: Mouthpiece differences? posted by tuba newbie on September 24, 2001 at 20:19:55:

I've actually read a comment somewhere that suggested that a higher pitched tuba actually needs a BIGGER mpc, because to get to the same low notes as a lower pitched horn, you're actually playing LOWER with respect to the fundamental of the higher pitched horn. Hence to play down to the pedal Eb with an Eb tuba would be easier with a big mpc.

HOWEVER, this is not the popular trend, which is often to use a smaller mpc with the bass tubas, especially when the tubist wishes to play in the very high register, for easier playing (which of course is logical).

Another reason to switch mpcs is for the sound -- i.e. shallow mpc vs. deep, for a brighter vs. darker sound, respectively.

Summary: you can choose to use the same mpc for a BBb, CC, Eb or F tuba if you wish. Or you can use a variety of cup diameters, depths, cup shapes, rim widths, rim profiles. Take your pick.

Steve Inman
Kokomo, IN

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