etude question (texas guys?)

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Posted by Alli on September 23, 2001 at 22:47:07:

This question is directed at tuba teachers from texas, but any other comments will be read AND APRECIATED

I am a freshman, so bear with me. I just got my TMEA etudes for this year and I notice that #61 in Blazhevich (V2) has a tempo mark of dtd. qt. note = 58-69 (as printed in Southwestern Musician) This seems a bit absurd to me, I feel that the piece loses its liricality (at least when I play it). I notice in my Blazhevich book (as it was owned by my borther who made TMEA in 1990, when this selection was an etude) that the previous tempo marking was dtd. qt. note = 54-60. So I suppose my questionto you is 1) Is it normal for recommended speeds to vary like this? 2) Are auditionees really held by the tempo mark set in Southwestern Musician? 3) In the audition process, would a player playing the written tempo well be rated higher than a player playing slightly under tempo well (assume the actual playing was equal)? 4) Why would the tempo be set so high, it doesn't seem to fit the piece?


Alli Thompson

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