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Posted by Jason Earl on October 05, 1999 at 22:26:36:

In Reply to: Re: New York Philharmonic posted by Doug on September 30, 1999 at 21:33:43:

A good steak and brussel sprouts taste identical.

If someone is better than you, you shouldn't be allowed to talk about their faults. You should only be allowed to listen to them in awe. Period. No matter how many mistakes they might make that day, don't talk about them, because talking about mistakes implies that you think you are better. Warren Deck is God, and all who mention faults of his are doomed to hell. The abitily to critically evaluate a good player is not a virtue, because critical evaluation involves posotives AND negetives, and negetives should not be discussed. Only praises of great players are acceptable, and where praises of a particular performance are scarce, nothing should be said at all, OR, you should praise them anyway for things you THOUGHT they did poorly. In actuality, perfection is attainable, and it is attained at ALL times with great player, and if you detect imperfection in them, you are wrong and have an overblown ego.

The earth is flat, not spherical.

CLEARLY, if you read his post, Mr. Anonymous thinks he is better that Warren Deck. CLEARLY his choice to remain anonymous reflects the fact that he is an insecure weakling who feels the need to bad-talk Warren to make himself feel better. This person is DEFENATELY pessimistic in nature and probably wouldn't recognize a good performance if given from angels. There is NO possibility of this person being a good musician, because he is nothing more than a fault-finder, and has no perception of greatness. Clearly.

The sun reflects light generated by the moon.

If you agree with any single sentance above, you have problems.

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