Re: Who buys Yamaha on EBAY ?

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Posted by Matt Walters on October 01, 1999 at 07:40:40:

In Reply to: Who buys Yamaha on EBAY ? posted by JRTapes on September 30, 1999 at 08:50:29:

A new Yamaha YBB-105 with case will run in the neighborhood of $2500. There are others like myself that think the 3 valve FRONT action YBB-103 was one of the most wonderful tubas for starting elemetary grade kids on tuba. I get a couple of teachers each year asking to buy that very same model horn. The kids do a better job of holding front action horns. I don't know that I would pay that much, but if it is exactly what someone wants, they have to go for it. As posted, this is a select group of people with a certain perspective. It is to easy to assume others prefer the same things that we do, and that is not the case.
That said, all the other posts about Auction Fever are true. Also it is where you live. When I was stationed in South Dakota, the local merchants thought they were being generous to give 10% off list price. Wait to you hear the story about the merchant who didn't have a tuba in stock, wanted the list price minus 10% in advance for a tuba on 90 day back order. No return if I didn't like the way it played. Then bragged how they weren't a mail order business but a dealer. So if someone else is facing prices like that out in the middle of nowhere, almost any E-Bay price looks good.

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