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Posted by dp on October 31, 2003 at 23:14:48:

In Reply to: Auditionee names etc.... posted by Robert Coulter on October 31, 2003 at 14:53:41:

whats the uproar?
is it really so disturbing when its suggested folks go practice their Rochut instead?

Maybe the topic beats the hell outta our usual goofy CC vs BBflat banter,
or the periodic "this year's sliced bread is the best sliced bread" equipment posts, or maybe it don't.
In my mind, it appears there's a paucity of otherwise meaningful contributions at tubenet now because the regular readership are bored and/or don't feel motivated to post meaningful information, provocative discussion, or helpful advice.
And often bored peole tend to snipe.

I'd bet a nickel the people who are really"in-the-know" about whats behind the scenes in the audition circuit have little use for the tubenet style of intrigue, let alone feeding the discussion. And those in the circuit (or those whose profession is is to know these things) get their info elsewhere, either firsthand or from sources they know personally and/or professionally - without all the b.s.

We often agree (after a lot of white noise filtering) that most questions of pedagogy are best answered for an individual student by an applied teacher, in the context of lessons.
I don't think Robert is saying he cares who advances in what audition, nor that he "just don't care that much any more." I think he's working to provoke thoght, and that his is the most refreshing post I have seen here in a good long while.

All that said, anyone know how I can access the practice rooms at CU? I am tired of being holed up in a hotel room during freezing rainstorms and wanna go practice my TUBA!


Dale Phelps
(in) Boulder CO

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