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Posted by Roger Lewis on October 29, 2003 at 08:42:30:

In Reply to: Using less air posted by Kyle on October 28, 2003 at 20:37:34:

Mr. Carrasco has some great advice and states it quite well. What you are dealing with in the low register when you first start out playing is an innefficient embouchure where the air (energy source) is not being effectively turned into buzz (the work), causing you to use too much air in trying to perform the task. As you find the center of the notes in that register things will start to beccome more efficient - your actuial buzz will help conserve the air.

Work at buzzing the mouthpiece in the low register and getting a good solid sound using the least amount of air but maintaining a goood sound. When you buzz on the mouthpiece there are two sound that you will hear: the whistle of the air going through the throat of the mouthpiece and the actual buzz created by the upper lip flapping against the lower lip. Too much of either sound creates either inefficincy of air or poor sound. I find that about 60% of the buzz sound and 40% of the whistle sound is about right for me. Once you have developed a good "meaty" buzz on the mouthpiece in the low register it will be easy to re-create this feeling while playing the horn. This won't happen overnight but the more you "live" in the low register the easier it gets to center pitches, play longer phrases, actually use vibrato, and play as comfortably as the mid register.

Remember - the horn makes no sound by itself - you are the instrument. When something is not working well on the horn, look at the person to correct it.

Just my observations.


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