Free chorale setting for tuba 4-tet

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Posted by Klaus on October 08, 2002 at 15:57:54:

I have just uploaded a suite of 5 settings for tuba quartet of a chorale theme to the site linked to below.

The preface says:

"All people that on earth do dwell

Edited for tuba quartet by Klaus Bjerre (2002)

A collection of settings based on the theme known in English speaking countries as “All people that on earth do dwell”.

The titles coming out of other countries are given in the respective languages.

The two first settings have the melody allocated to the Tenor, which is placed in the bass tuba part. The rest of the settings have the melody in the top voice.

The general aim of this editor has been to make brass settings, that will work in a church plainsong context. As Preludes, Interludes, Postludes, and of course together with the congregation plainsong, alone or combined with the organ. This aim could not be achieved with the setting for tuba quartet, as that would either pose structural problems of the settings or would have taken the upper parts unrealistically high.

Already now the euphonium parts are so high, that a swapping of parts between the various settings, maybe between repeats, might be a good idea.

This editor holds ensemble playing and score reading as being very important skills. Hence this edition does only come in form of a 4-part score spread out on 3 pages. No page breaks within any setting.

There has been made graphical compromises. The most problematic one being the downsizing of the score. Feedback on the usability of this edition is very welcome.

This edition can be used free of any charge, but as usually a mail or a postcard reporting on readings and performances will be very welcome."

The file is fairly small, about 90k.

You will have to sign up to an on-approval-only Yahoo group. Please do not just send an application from a pdqx(AT) I respect, that you might want such an address, but then please provide the minimum of effort to mail me and identidy yourself. Full name and membership of XX band, orchestra, or ensemble will do it.



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