Air and Bourree - 'style'

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Posted by Tim on October 08, 2002 at 05:08:09:

I'm working on Air and Bourree for an upcoming exam, and I'm trying to bring out the music in this piece.

I can play it well enough with a metronome (minum=90bpm), following the marked dynamics and articulations...but how should it be played?

Should the quavers that are not marked staccato be played more tenuto for contrast, or should the whole piece be fairly staccato? I know that a bourree is a dance, so I imagine I should be very strict in tempo - or should I?

If anyone could fill me in on how they've played it, and/or any historical influences I should be considering, it'd be most appreciated!


(PS, I'm going to try and get a recoding of Partia No. 1 {BWV 1002} tomorrow - to see how violinsts see the piece)

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