Re: M.W. 45SLP F tuba ???

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Posted by Good Question! on November 25, 1999 at 21:38:35:

In Reply to: M.W. 45SLP F tuba ??? posted by Pete on November 25, 1999 at 02:38:48:

Right! I have scoured the tubenet archives for the last six months and have found practically nothing on M.W. F tubas. One person loved em and the next flamed em! Come on tubenetters I'm sure more than one or two of you have at least played a M.W., at least maybe held one in your hands before moving on to Fred and the "exclusive rights" club. Or maybe everyone is already so hyped by the marketing schemes that mass lobotomy has occurred and they head straight for Fred and his sidekicks. (if you go that route take approximately 2x's the cash, otherwise you may walk away empy handed).

C'mon, these M.W. things are not TOP SECRET are they? At least someone could respond by correcting my spelling, or admonish me for not posting my name, or accuse me of being drunk or some other diatribe that tubenetters with no real opinions of equipment or techniques are prone to do. Although not posting my name now, I do frequent from time to time and post replies on subjects that I have first hand knowledge or opinions on!

Where has your world taken you? Let's hear about it!


The Invisible Man

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