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Posted by Tony Clements on November 19, 1999 at 15:25:35:

In Reply to: Willson 5/4 CC posted by Bryan on November 19, 1999 at 15:00:26:

AH-HA! Something I know about! I got a Willson 5/4 shipped to me on approval. It is a GREAT horn! Excellent low notes, GREAT valves, especially the Rotax 5th valve, good pitch. I highly recommend this instrument. There are, however some nits to pick. 1) I like to be able to reach the 4th valve tubing to tune on the fly. There is no UP-POINTING 4th slide to reach. 2) On my sample, the first slide scraped against the 4th valve tubing when I pulled it to tune 1&2, A and first valve D. I was looking for a back-up for my Yorkbrunner and this horn sounds NOTHING like it. The sound is bright, with ALOT of projection, compared to the Hirsbrunner. Frankly, (and I don't believe I'm saying this) I think I prefer this horn in (GASP!) BBb. Kathy Graves has one and I fell in love wuth it!

Tony Clements

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