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Posted by Joe S. on November 19, 1999 at 00:43:23:

In Reply to: E.M. Winston posted by Jerry on November 18, 1999 at 14:16:28:

Most all of that Winston stuff is Taiwan. Saxes, etc.

The best quality 3/4 "budget" Taiwan tuba that I have found to sell is the one distributed by D.E.G. It is called "Schafer", and is a King 1160 "knock-off"...excellent valves, slides, bracing, and decent response and intonation. Often, D.E.G. offers me "blems" (very minor lacquer flaws [already-well-touched-up acid runs] or small, repaired bell lip creases) at even lower prices.


I'm sure that I am begging a flame here, as this is sure looking like an "ad", but as I posted previously, with the complete overhaul of the valve tooling in the Brazilian "Weril" factory, their D.E.G.-distributed 4-valve non-compensating euphonium (as a complete Yamaha 321 "knock off") "knocks" Yamaha out of consideration with its just-like-Yamaha response and intonation, and its "buy-three-Werils-to-two-Yamahas" pricing. I have not examined Weril's student tuba lately, so I have no report on it.

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