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Posted by Food for thought on November 15, 1999 at 20:53:29:

In Reply to: replacing linkage posted by Dave on November 14, 1999 at 00:57:09:


I guess the question is,"Do you want a horn to play or a horn to play with?" Yes, you could replace the linkages yourself but you probably won't have the same quality material as if you ordered the upgraded likages from Die Tuba. Model airplane parts were designed for model airplanes not for tubas and my experience with such linkages systems is that they do not hold up over time. The linkages that are shown in the pictures appear to be very high quality.

If you don't get the "honing" (lapping) done, then you will have to settle for the clock spring mechanisim, a troublesome and painfully slow beast at best. The St. Pete has a reputation for troublesome valves even with the honing option. You might have to do a little work on them yourself even with the upgraded valves.

Even thought the St. Pete is a realitively inexpensive horn, it still costs a sizable chunkk of change. If it were my money, I would want to pull a new horn out of the crate and be able to play it right away knowing everything was going to work. Would you buy a new car (even an inexpensive one) knowing that you were going to have to grind the valves before you took it on a long trip?

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