Cerveny helicons

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Posted by K on May 30, 2003 at 11:34:51:

Cerveny helicons surface as a topic from time to time. Most recently represented by a posting from Slovenia:


For some reason or another these instruments also frequently are offered for sale on a second hand basis. Hence they are well represented in my gallery.

I has struck me, that they come with various ratios between bell throat and and bell flare.

The largest throats/narrowest flares are quite similar to the Cerveny Urtext tubas. the widest flares are more similar to US tubas and sousaphones.

I need to upload a few instruments of other types before uploading a new index. So hereby a sub-index of the Cerveny helicons. The most stellar representative is of the old semi-square type. I has 4 ordinary rotary valves plus a Stell-Ventil to switch between CC and BBb. CB/Getzen only were around a century late on that idea. It can be found directly via the hyper-link at the bottom of this page.

Thumbnails of an old Cerveny BBb helicon 4RV with a somewhat unusual wrapping:

Thumbnail of a 1950ís Cerveny BBb helicon (4 rotors) with its owner/player Jan Lybeck of Gothenburg, Sweden:

Thumbnails of three post-WWII Cerveny F helicons with 4 rotors. The throat-to-flair ratios vary:



Thumbnail of a sample of the Cerveny Urtext bell type as seen on a circa 1890 bass tuba. The sock shaped main tuning slide type can also be seen on the more recent Kaiser Bariton found a few lines above here:

Cerveny had other names put on its instruments:

Thumbnails of 4 Amati BBb helicons with 4 rotors. Today we only see these instruments with the Cerveny engraving (Yes! YM is fascinated by these monsters, even if he does not own one of them):




Thumbnails of an Amati Eb helicon with 4 rotors. Today we only see these instruments with the Cerveny engraving:

Thumbnails of an Amati Eb helicon with 3 rotors. Today we only see these instruments with the Cerveny engraving:

Thumbnails of a two Cerveny BBb helicons (4 rotors) with the Lignatone engraving used circa 1950 to 1970 on some markets:


Thumbnail(-s) of a Lignatone F helicon 4RV:

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