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Posted by Parochial on May 29, 2003 at 20:03:06:

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The thesaurus lists the following as synonyms of parochial:
insular, inward-looking, limited, local, narrow, provincial, regional, restricted, sectarian, sectional, small-town

I don't want to go far down this rabbit trail, and goodness knows I'm PLENTY parochial about PLENTY of things. But on this one, I'd say local tuning standards is parochial, while a universal standard is not.

FWIW, my only reason for picking 440 over 443 or some other number is that it is the most common single standard. It may not even comprise 50% of situations (I really don't know), but I'll bet no other standard comes close to as many adherants.

I am first and foremost a freedom-lover, though, and I'm not suggesting that some governmental force be brought to bear to MAKE everyone meet a particular standard; but I WOULD like to see the market bring us to a single standard. If the world disagrees with me, I can cope with not getting my way.

Joe Baker, who welcomes disagreement and invites abuse!

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