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Posted by Rob P-M on May 29, 2003 at 13:39:50:

In Reply to: Re: Re: The Best Sousaphone is......? posted by Michael Incopero on May 29, 2003 at 12:31:50:

There should be little difference between a King 1250 and a 2350 (unless the horn is very recent--some posters have suggested the new Kings now may be very much like Jupiter sousaphones. if true, I would avoid them).

The King model number for their Standard Sousaphone was 1250 from the 1920's until at least the late 1960s. I'm not sure when the changeover took place, perhaps when H.N. White (King's maker) was acquired UMI, but in recent years, the model number has been 2350. In fact, all King model numbers changed at about the same time.

Otherwise, the only differences among older 1250 and newer 2350 King sousaphones would be quality of construction (older was better) and, perhaps, the thickness and formula for the brass. Older ones seem to be thicker and more dent resistant. However, the characteristic sound remains the same.

PS you may find some older Kings labled as 1250A or 1250B. For a few years in the 1930s, the standard could be had in its familiar form (6-1/2" bell throat bore) as 1250A, or a form with larger main branches culminating in a bell throat bore of a bit over 7", similar to the Conn 20K, as 1250B. I've never seen a live 1250B, but I have seen the larger bore 1270 Giant, and I THINK the 1250B combines the 1250 body save the last 2 or 3 branches with the last 2 or three branches of the 1270.

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