flat 2nd partial on B.A.T.

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Posted by dunelandmusic on May 28, 2003 at 10:57:45:

I know js has addressed this in the past, so point me to the archives if this is redundant.

I have played the LH tuba pictured on the link below.(be warned, if you go there you will be "captured" and won't be able to hit your back button to get back to Tubenet)
The open F just below the staff is flat, yet easily solved with a 1-3 valve combination. The problem is, all of the rest of the notes between F and low BBb are also flat. What approach has been used by others to address this ? The notes seem flat even with the slide all the way in, and I'm not sure the slide can be pulled out and in during fast passages to address the scope of the problem.

As I was sitting in a Memorial Day concert I was wondering, has anyone used a thumb trigger and some new plumbing on this type of problem ? Or maybe it's just me ?

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