To tarnish or not to tarnish....

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Posted by Todd Morgan on March 31, 2001 at 20:20:52:


I recently had my horn overhauled and unlacquered. I must say it sounds real good. In any event...I just got done washing the raw surface in glass cleaner. I dunno if it was the fumes or what...but I swear the amonia in the glass cleaner made the raw brass a little darker than it was when I started cleaning it. Does ammonia promote tarnishing and/or the development of a patena? Just curious....

By the way....thank you to every one who replied to my Chock Full O'Questions post. I think I will stick to waiting for a Conn 52 or 56. I know I know....I NEED to drive to Baltimore and speak to Mr. Fedderly. :)

Todd "wishes he had the time to poop let alone drive to Baltimore" Morgan

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