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Posted by Todd Morgan on March 31, 2001 at 08:32:51:

Hi there folks,

I have a couple of questions that I hope y'all could help me with. I'm a senior music education major and I am fixing to graduate. I know that after I graduate I would like to get my masters in performance and then pursue my teaching career. I currently own a Meinl Weston 2165 and a Yamaha 822 F tuba. They both play very well, but I no longer see the need to own a 6/4 CC tuba and an F tuba if I am going to be a teacher. My first question for y'all is as follows. I would like to consolidate horns and just have a b4/4 CC tuba for all-purpose playing. I absolutely LOVE the way my F tuba plays and I would like for my 1 horn to be as free blowing, agile, and fun to play. What horn would y'all suggest I try that might be as free blowing and fun as my F tuba and at the same time work well in quintets, wind ensembles, and small orchestras?? I have been looking into getting a Conn 56J, but I have yet to get my hands on one. (I know Dave Fedderly has several but I can't get to Baltimore to try them at this time.)

My next question is school specific. Are there any University of Alabama tuba students on the list??? If so please email me privately...I have some questions for you. :)

hmmm...I know I had more questions, but they seemed to have slipped my mind. Oh well. :)

Todd "full O'questions" Morgan
Ithaca College

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