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Posted by Matt Walters on March 31, 2001 at 02:27:24:

In Reply to: meinl weston 2155 posted by Gary on March 30, 2001 at 17:00:34:

Just cut the bottom slide tubes .75" each side. Meinl Weston is currently making the 3rd slide loop the same length as before. However, the bottom outer slide tubing is shorter while the ferrules on the bottom slide are accordingly longer. That makes servicing the 5th rotor easier after the slide is removed. Then for those 20% of the owners who blow that Eb flat, it is easy enough to rebuild the bottom slide by cutting the ferrules and inner tubing shorter (again typically .75" each side). Afterwards, the slide itself can be spot lacquered or plated and the rest of the horn is left unscared. It's tough to satisfy every customer at the same time. If they make the slides shorter, then some customers will say the horn must be out of tune if you have to pull the slides out. Oh yes. I've heard that line many times.
For my PERSONAL preference, I like the 3rd valve slide shorter yet. I first tune my CC tuba's open C and then play A with the top 3rd slide all the way in. I pull out my bottom 3rd slide (1/8" I didn't get it perfect.) until the A is in tune. My E's are also in tune like this. I pull it back out usually leave it out for my Eb's and Ab's. They are 20 cents apart. I split the difference there and just play the thing. Other than the E's and A's during slow exposed parts, I don't have to play with slides.

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