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Posted by Barry Guerrero on March 31, 2001 at 02:26:11:

In Reply to: Wick 1L and 2L..... posted by Matt C. on March 30, 2001 at 18:17:53:

Finally, an equipment question that I can answer, as I own both the 1L and 2L. Regardless of what the specs may say (I don't trust them), the 1L is quite a bit bigger than the 2L. The cup on both m.p.'s is pretty deep. The 1L has more room for your lips to flap about. The cup is also a bit more "scooped out" than on the 2L. Think of the 2L as a smaller Helleberg (closer to a 7B), and the 1L as a bigger Helleberg. Typical of DW m.p.'s, the throat is relatively large on both pieces, with very little flare in the backbore portion.

Now for the subjective part: I greatly prefere the 1L. It's my favorite large m.p. for band or orchestra. It feels real comfortable to me, centers well, and doesn't seem to tax my endurance in any way. For some reason, I'm just not that comfortable with the 2L. I can play it OK, but it's just not favorite m.p. for quintets or for soloing. It's for that very reason, that I'm trying to locate an old Miraphone C2 m.p. Anyway, hope this helps.

Barry Guerrero

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