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Posted by Chuck Jackson on March 30, 2001 at 20:50:14:

Hello. I was at the Nevada All-State today and saw this nice looking horn at the Summerhays Booth. I pulled out a MP and proceeded to have a VERY nice 1/2 hour on this horn. BBb, 4 rotary valves, Nice 18" bell. The first valve slide is acessible THROUGH the instrument rather than over the top. I was concerned that the weird wrap on the 3rd and 4th valve slides would make the low notes stuffy, but I was nicely suprised when a low F rattled the windows at Ham Hall. Pitch was solid and the range was easy. I was able to cover the 4 octaves from pedal BBb to high Bb with no intonation problems. The horn LOOKS like the VMI 2201 BBb, of which I have only seen pictures. The construction was generally very good, but I noticed a "Yamaha-ish" two part leadpipe(like that on a YBB-641). The company obviously stenciled this horn from Czerveny or VMI. The kicker is the price, $2800.00 + 400.00 for a rather nice case. Knowing nothing of these instruments, can anyone shed any light on the maker? They also had a great french horn and trombone with an axial-flow valve. The bone was getting rave reviews from everyone who tried it. Any input as to the makers or track record? Thanks.


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