Re: MW 25 vs. 186 BBb -- both claim "best"!

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Posted by Matt G on March 27, 2001 at 10:58:32:

In Reply to: MW 25 vs. 186 BBb -- both claim "best"! posted by Steve Inman on March 26, 2001 at 22:06:54:

I think the general consensu would be that the MW25 is a darker sounding horn than a 'fone. I have only played on MW25 5V (or is that a 26) and was impressed. I have played many 186's, BBb and CC, and have found them to be very consistent in pitch and tone. However they may be a little bright, but they have a LOT of projection. I don't know about stuffyness of any of these horns, I know that they might take a different approach to the airstream though. The newer S186's are a little heavier brass and seem to sound a little darker, but I think that this makes any intonation tendencies more apparent, robs the horn of some projection, and deadens the response. Remember that this is in contrast to the "pro" 186, which in many cases is unsurpassed in these areas. The thing to remember most of all is that no one manufacturer makes "the best" BBb 4/4 tuba, many make good ones but it is the guy behind the mouthpiece and how the horn works with his abilities that make a great horn!
Best of luck in narrowing a very large, harrowing search,
Matt G

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