Miraphone 2C m.p. revisited

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Posted by Barry Guerrero on March 27, 2001 at 02:48:44:

Old timers, help me out here:

I lost my Miraphone 2C m.p. clear back when I was 17 or 18. Anybody know where it is? Seriously, some folks (Marty Neilan, I believe) suggested that I try the Conn 2 m.p. as a close surrogate. Unless the Conn 2 has changed, I don't care for the bite, or the feel of its rim. I definitely prefere the more rounded and comfortable Miraphone style rim. As best as I can remember, the 2C had a slightly smaller inner rim diameter than the Miraphone 3C, but was still wider than the Conn Helleberg 7B. It had a deeper, more funnel like cup than the 3C - similar to a Helleberg. Not only was there a lot of fundamental to the tone, but there was a also a distinct "buzziness" to the core that I really liked. I suspect that was because the 2C didn't have a lot of mass to it. In addition, the sound wasn't slightly "bright" like on the Helleberg 7B (I'm a fairly aggressive player), and I suspect that was due to its relatively small backbore. The ideal thing would be if somebody had a 2C that they were willing to part with. Since that's not likely, any and all suggesttions would be greatly appreciated. I've never even seen a PT m.p. up close and personal. Perhaps Marcinkiewicz or Joseph Klier might have something close to what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance folks.

Barry Guerrero
San Francisco

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