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Posted by David on March 26, 2001 at 14:07:03:

In Reply to: Re: FED UP!!!/Did I piss away my money? posted by Jay Bertolet on March 26, 2001 at 13:22:36:

Thanks for letting me air my grievances. It will take many voices in the wind to effect a change and maybe this is the site for it to start.

I belonged to TUBA over 20 years ago and it was, unfortunately, the same then as now. The academics ran it and the rest of the world was along for the ride. Back then, I was one of the academics (Assistant Professor at Florida State University - 1976-1979) and I was involved with it more.

I am no longer an academic type having been a performer/music store owner for the past 20 years. I joined TUBA in the hopes of getting to meet and know some of you. I'm really more fun loving than the post would indicate!!! (It makes me sound like a jerk and I can be one of those on ocassion and this was one of those.)

Thank you to those of you interested. If the total membership here were to put their collective heads together, the TUBA/ITEA organization could be effectively changed, and for the better. One person cannot make a change or maybe he can....

Here is a suggestion:
Everyone on this site join TUBA/ITEA (you spent more on the last mouthpiece you bought). Elect those you want for the board of directors.
Make the name of the organization whatever you want.
Ask for volunteers to host stuff regionally (my hand is up).
Publish an on-line journal or a paper one or both (charge for the paper one)
Make the organization all volunteer - do away with the dues.
Solicit and publish articles or steal them from this site on:
mouthpieces, instruments, manufacturers, dealers, repairmen, gripes, kudos, college scene, public school scene, orchestral players and orchestras, new music, out-of-print music, old war horses, concerts of solos, community bands, orchestras, soloists, reviews, junior high, senior high, college players, networking, jobs, auditions, ensemble literature, CD's, you name it.

Thanks again. Go to it.....

David Wilson

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