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Posted by Bill Nazzaro on July 01, 2003 at 08:05:28:

In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: isn't this is a good thing? Re: VPO posted by Rick Denney on June 30, 2003 at 16:32:06:


I was responding to:

"I see non-Caucasian groups celebrating their highly segregated cultural events and not being particularly invitive of members of other races or groups...

"...' didn't recall receiving any invitations to any recent "Juneteeth" celebrations (nor an brass quintet gigs / dixieland jazz gigs to play at "Juneteenth" picnics), as an example..."


"the reactionary in me sees the proponents of "celebrate diversity" as really saying "let me promote MY difference, and if it is either perceived or in fact at your expense, oh well!" I think it is time we considered how the terms race, racial, racism, and bigotry, have been re-fined (at least re-DEfined) to promote a one-sided approach to favoritism, coupled with a built-in retort to defend against that racially-focussed promotion."


"You go, Dale...

"...and I find it amusing that every few years "races" of folk rename themselves, and find their formerly renamed name to be "offensive"."

My comment about St. Patrick's day was that at the turn of the century, when immigration was at a high point, people who "didn't belong" here were treated poorly and I imagine that March 17th was celebrated very differently than it is now. Time heals all wounds? Well some people seem to think that racism is not a problem. Or if it is, it is the white man that is being held down. "Help! I'm being oppressed!" Until Brown v. the Board of Education in 1954, blacks were second class citizens at best in this country. They were and are treated that way still by some. This is not ancient history. Those problems are healing, but the Supreme Court recently ruled that it will probably be another generation until Affirmative Action in college admissions would be unnecessary.

Frankly, I take no issue with anything you wrote. My comment on Asian v. oriental was just about usage, and was meant as a "gentle correction." I don't know what the motives of the poster "clearly are" though they seem to want to promote difference and not understanding. My comment was clearly over the top, but for a reason. I felt the thinly veiled racism of this thread should not go without comment. Amongst a group of friends, people may use language that the group would find humorous but where the intent is not to offend. This is not a group like that, and people should be more mindful of what they are writing. This is not a bathroom stall. This is a public forum. We are all entitled to our views, so these are mine. I reserve the right to change them at any time, and ask that if I am wrong, a gentle correction might come my way as well. I try to always be open to other views, but sometimes fail.

Bill Nazzaro

P.S. Someone wrote above that talking about the "East" and "non-eastern" might be politically incorrect. I never said that, and I don't think it is true. The international date line is set in such a way that the Europe and the U.S. is "the West." That is how the terms are used. People shouldn't be afraid of using words that are easily understood. I was only commenting on "oriental." And obviously, I am not some wacko, Asian is just current usage. And the dictionary agrees. (Or I agree with the dictionary). Whatever.

I think if this thread continues, I am going to need to brush up on my scales. If only I wasn't at work 15 hours a day.

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