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Posted by js on June 29, 2003 at 14:12:55:

In Reply to: 'raincatcher' question posted by Tim L. on June 29, 2003 at 13:23:23:

Upright bells for sousaphones cannot simply be substituted for sousaphones' "recording" bells. The angle that the bell leaves the instrument is rather complex, particularly due to the fact that many players insert their goosenecks and bits at a backwards angle - totally throwing off the perpendicularity of the bell receiver.

The original "raincatcher" sousaphones solved this problem by attaching the BODY elbow to the upright bell and making the male/female connector be between that elbow and the first large branch, rather than between the elbow and the bell flare.

This would dictate manufacturing a new set of male-female connectors...too much parts futzing for too small a market.

Hey, YOU can get Lee Stofer (et al) to MAKE one for you out of an existing instrument. In the past, I've MADE odd-diameter male-female bell connectors "from scratch" (' did this for my own detachable-bell helicon), and I don't really think you want to pay someone for all the required hours.

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