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Posted by Todd Morgan on June 29, 2002 at 15:47:32:

In Reply to: 2155 ergonomics posted by : on June 29, 2002 at 00:56:26:


I owned a Meinl Weston 6/4 for about 2 years and I encountered a few of these same problems. For 5'8", I didn't really have any business playing a 6/4 horn. :) [I'm not saying that 5'8" tall people can't play 6/4's just that for some of isn't exactly ideal.] As you mentioned with the valves, I found that the Meinl Weston "Big Valves," as they call them, were too big for my hands. The spread between the fingers lead to early fatigue and cramps. I had the thumb ring on my Meinl Weston completely REMOVED since the angle was a problem. It helped, but it didn't solve the problem. What I found out was that, though I loved the sound of the horn, it really wasn't "the horn for me." After playing many different horns and getting a feel for what things I like and don't like, I discovered the Conn 52J and 56J was for me. Ergonmically it fits me and my playing posture PERFECTLY and I found the valves to be a lot quicker and easier to manage. (the span between the valves is considerably smaller) I don't know if the 52/56J is for you, but it should certainly be worth trying.

-Todd "love my 56J" Morgan

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