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Posted by Roger Lewis on June 28, 2002 at 20:27:08:

In Reply to: Advice on purchasing a C tuba posted by Doug on June 28, 2002 at 15:55:21:

I recommend that you do a little research. You want to be an orchestral player so, what are the orchestral players using? All three of these horns, the 188, the 56J and the PT 4 are fine instruments.

Let's examine what the tuba shops are carrying as used equipment and that will tell you what people are going away from. It may be too early to get a read on the Conn yet. Dillon's has two PT4's in used stock, the Brasswind was recently offered one, this tells me that perhaps this would not be the best choice for your goal. Farther down on the board you will find that the winners of the San Francisco and Alabama jobs won them on rotary PT6 tubas. I haven't seen any 188's for sale used or any of the Conns (but it may be too early as I mentioned). doesn't have any of these horns listed and I didn't see any of these onn EB** either. None of the above at the Tuba Exchange. Custom Music doesn't have any of these nor does Baltimore Brass. You can use google to get even more information. This was just a quick survey.

My recommendation is to examine what the orchestral players are using and go in that direction because that is probably the sound that most ochestras must be looking for at this point in time. Talk to the pro's, they'll usually take the time to answer questions. Buying a horn is a big step and with the right helo it will be a very positive experience. Watch out for people who look like used car salespersons. I can;t find the link right now but there is a site that lists what many of the top layers in teh world are using, I just don't remember the address.

Just my ramblings, for what they're worth.

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