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Posted by SHANGHAI ORCH,Jacomo on June 30, 2002 at 04:02:00:

Hello Tuba friends,

This message is for anyone who is interested in auditioning for the Shanghai Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra(SBSO), or to anyone who has been contacted lately about possible playing time in this orchestra. I have played here in this orchestra for a year now, and I have extremely important information for anyone who is considering this job. I have been witness and part of some of the most un ethical, inhumane, and illegal activity brought upon by the SBSO. I have repeatedly seen my colleagues treated extremely unfairly, have had to chase down my money(that was owed to me), and have had my contract broken on multiple occasions, every month I have been here. There are some extremely sensitive issues happening right now, that I cannot go into detail, for the sake of mine, and my colleagues privacy. I will how ever, send out an email to anyone who is seriously considering this job, or to whom ever has been contacted already about possible work here in the near future. Please email if you are in anyway considering coming to an audition, or have been invited already. Otherwise, please don't send me an email about this issue. To my friends out there, and to all my previous teachers, I will contact you all in more detail later about the situation here. FOr now, we are all safe, and I just want to get this basic information out. Thank you all for your attention, and all the best,

PS, please tell anyone else interested(ie,trombone, bass bone, horn, trumpet) in SBSO, to check this out before they make any decision. Thanks again

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