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Posted by Joe S. on June 30, 1999 at 21:14:03:

In Reply to: Chicago Yorks? posted by Todd Morgan on June 30, 1999 at 07:19:07:

One of the clearest photos of it that I have seen is a very old one of Mr. Jacobs posing with it when he was a young man. It appeared, at that time and unlike now, to have a satin silver finish and a keel on the bottom of the instrument.

I think that one of the old T.U.B.A. Journals had a copy of this picture in it, along with several other shots. It was the edition that sort of "featured" the Hirsbrunner York model. It had just come out, and was very big news. There were several Hirsbrunner and original York shots in that article.

I relied heavily on those pictures when I converted my 3 piston Holton BBb York model to a 4 + 1 CC model.

If you can locate the old l.p. from the seventies featuring the Chicago Symphony low brass section on some orchestral excerpts, there is a fairly good picture of it there, and on another l.p., the Philadelphia/Cleveland/Chicago Gabrieli record jacket. I seem to remember a recording session black and white "action" closeup too, in the extensive liner notes of one of the "boxed" London recordings of the Chicago Symphony doing one of the Mahler symphonies ... maybe #7.

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