I found a Bydlo Tuba!!

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Posted by Dan Bryce on June 29, 1999 at 12:09:50:

Well at long last my search is over. I had only to look under my nose that had been turned up by a Wener system f-tuba(for those of you that are unfamiliar with these, it is a 6 valve,3 and 3, tuba based on a completely uncoventional fingering system.), my dad picked up from a guy who used to play it in the Berlin phil. He bought it for $400 in '78 and it's been sitting in a closet. Over the years I'd picked it up once or twice, and was so frustrated with the fingerings,and the poor intonation I almost through it out the window. But then my dad decides he wants me to teach him how to play it so we can play some duets together. So I pull it out again, pull out the fingering chart and go to work on the slides. A 1/2 hour or so later I realize the intonation is pretty darn good and the low register, down to the C below the staff, is better than many f-tubas I've played. Then I stumble through the fingerings in damnation, and bydlo. When I went for the hi G#, it slotted beautifully! I couldn't believe it. It slotted better than my PT-15. Anyway I was so excited I had to tell you all. I know there are other people who have bydlo horns. Some people call them euphoniums. Any cool stories of actual performances?(I've never performed pictures in concert)

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