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Posted by Leland on June 26, 1999 at 14:31:49:

In Reply to: Re: What does open wrap mean? posted by Jay Bertolet on June 26, 1999 at 12:28:28:

Yeah, what Jay said...

In terms of trombones (sounds like the question came from reading the Bach bass bone thread and the Thayer article thread), you'll see a pile of multi-turned tubing for the trigger on a standard wrap, and a wide open loop for the trigger on an open wrap. General rule: if you can put your hand through it, it's an open wrap. This really does result in a more open response. Since the trombone is already wrapped so openly (only two bends), any drastic change is pretty noticeable, and an open wrap F attachment is a good attempt to minimize that.

Besides, wouldn't you know that the brass instrument with the fewest valves and simplest construction has the greatest number of distinct valve types available -- "regular" rotary, Thayer, Rotax, that Yamaha three-port thing, etc etc...

More often, an F attachment with an open wrap will extend beyond the tuning slide. So, if durability and survivability is a concern, the more compact standard wrap might be a wiser choice.

I know, I know, this question is probably better answered by a trombone FAQ somewhere, but in all modesty, I think it's answered by now.


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