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Posted by Mark E. Chachich on June 21, 1999 at 10:44:05:

In Reply to: Re: Tubas for around $2000? posted by Joe S. on June 19, 1999 at 17:02:50:

Joe's price sounds reasonable to me. I have some knowlege about the repair business; yes it is expensive to repair a tuba, but so is the rent for the shop, tools, utilities, eating, house payments, etc... Try repairing a tuba yourself and you will see why a good instrument repairman is worth the money (Joe put work into this tuba).
Someone wanted information about tubas for around $2000, Joe has one (most likely a good one for the price). He described the tuba, gives the option to see pictures, and clearly states a price. Joe has also posted that someone should try a tuba before buying.
If someone wants the tuba, they know where it is. If someone does not want the tuba, no one is forcing them to buy.
I respect Joe's posts. I especially like his posts on repair related issues.

Mark E. Chachich

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