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Posted by Leland (also been there, but not with a St Pete) on June 21, 1999 at 02:30:59:

In Reply to: Re: St. Petersburg Tuba posted by Jon B. on June 20, 1999 at 20:53:58:

A differing opinion --

Dare I say that early on in their development, possibly nobody truly knows what they want to sound like, and maybe should not invest in a Wondertuba right away. A whole bucketload of tuba models (huge bucket! :-) ) are individually the "best" to a lot of well-respected paid professionals who bank their dinner on the sound they make. The usual "If it works for you..." still applies, although spending a lot of cash is more justifiable if what's needed is known and quantified.

What do I say? "Be a better musician than the gear you've got -- and PROVE it -- before taking out that big loan for the dream axe." I personally know players who are nowhere near the potential of the instrument they have BECAUSE they are expecting their sound to be glorified by the wad of brass in front of them. I also know players who sound fantastic on stuff that would be considered "junk" by many people.

I'll also say that it's nice to already own a horn that could be considered a "beater" as an alternative for those times when the thought of taking a 'Brunner to a New Year's party in a beergarden is downright frightening!

I always remember a story of a young trombonist who wanted a new t-bone to replace his tattered-but-functional used one. His dad told him that if he learned "Carnival Of Venice" (the hard version) and performed it well enough, he'll spring for a new horn. The kid worked and worked, got it down, and performed it in concert at his high school. So then, sticking to his word, his dad got him the shiny new bone -- not because he couldn't play on the old one, but because his self-built talent was capable of the new instrument, and he knew better than before what bone would be best for him.

Of course, I might sound a bit snippy 'cuz the Sabres didn't win the Stanley Cup.... :-)

And yes, I did watch the whole game!


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